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I am a photographer based in Westchester, NY.  I have been in the industry for over 20 years, and have photographed many events, and completed multiple editorial and commercial projects.  My style is photojournalistic and contemporary, leaning toward a more natural and candid look.

My greatest talent as an event photographer is to create images that capture the moment- a fleeting expression on a person’s face, a loving gesture, an intimate dance.  Throughout my career, I have developed a skill to anticipate such moments and to be at the right place at the right time.

As a portrait photographer, I strive to create images that are a reflection of the person’s personality, temper and their inner world.  My ultimate goal is to connect with people and make them comfortable in front of my camera. 

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Photography where I developed an ultraprecise approach to the craft, from using just the right lens to understanding how to correctly expose and compose an image. With the advent of the digital photography, my motto remains “do it right in camera.”  My work is characterized by tight, clean and precise images. 

I am also an educator of photography. I have been a guest lecturer for a number of local professional photography organizations, and am an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

I live in Westchester with my awesome wife, my wonderful son and our very spirited beagle.  


The Team

We have a full team of photographers, videographers, editors, and designers, all personally trained by James to maintain the highest standards set by LJ Studios. Our in-house video production company, Darklight Cinema, can tell the story of your day in a heartfelt and engaging way. Our trusted strategic partner, Platinum Entertainment DJs, has the experience to bring your party to life and tailor your entertainment just the way you desire. We offer you the convenience of meeting with and booking all three services at once when you visit us at our Harrison, NY studio. If it's just photography you're looking for, great! Either way, we hope you'll visit our studio and see in person how we have been thrilling customers for well over a decade.